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Tight Vac

TV1 Tightvac Brand Vitavac Container 1.4 oz

TV1 Tightvac Brand Vitavac Container 1.4 oz

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Minivac TV1: The Ultimate Spice & Travel Container

The single dose solution Minivac holds 30g of Coffee or Tea and makes the best Tea sniffer. This multi-use Vac easily fits into smaller backpacks and purses. The ultimate storage container for herbs & spices, nuts, vitamins, homeopathic medicine, prescription drugs (prolongs potency) and keeps dry goods 3X longer.

Dry Goods Capacity: 1.4 oz / 40 g / 0.12 liter

Dimensions: 2-7/8"tall x 2-5/16" diameter (7.4 cm x 6 cm)

 ***Lighter shown for relational size purposes only, not included with purchase.

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