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Satya Premium Backflow Incense cones

Satya Premium Backflow Incense cones

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Our Incense blends are handcrafted and hand-rolled in the Indian masala tradition using ingredients of the highest purity and quality. These blends feature a predominant aromatic ingredient, supported by complementary notes that aid in its wholesome expression. These blends are ideal for those seeking ingredient-based experiences and benefits. Each pack includes 24 backflow cones.

Backflow cones are so cool. The smoke flows and tumbles down the burner like a waterfall. Hypnotic and fun. How do they work? Well, you have to use backflow cones because they have the right shape with a hole in the base. And then you have to turn off all the fans because a breeze will really disrupt the flow. Light a cone, place it on top, and wait. By the time the cone burns halfway down you should have a pretty nice waterfall of smoke going. 

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